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spring 2011


What Does it Mean

to be Lost?


Being lost in a

a spiritual sense,

turns out to be,

I think, much the same

as being lost in a mental,

emotional, or physical sense.


There are times

when we lose hope

emotionally and regard

everything as useless.

We lose our bearings,

our faith, our confidence.

In such a state, we are

alienated, separated

from all that is

– including,

most tragically

and especially,

our own selves.




The Spring Seed Catalog,

contains seminal

thoughts about

the kind of

human reunion,

that begins




So swiftly the hours

fly away, ascending

as vanishing colors

to merge with

God’s great carousel

 in the sky.


I feel,

is what it means

to be profoundly

and existentially



It is a condition

explored beautifully,

with corrective suggestions,

in Paul Tillich’s meditation

about salvation as

 “accepting that we are accepted”

in his book THE SHAKING



It always bears


(from p. 162)


“... when despair destroys

all joy and courage. Sometimes

at that moment a wave of light

breaks into our darkness,

and it is as though a voice

were saying: “You are accepted.

You are accepted ... by that which

is greater than you, and the name

of which you do not know.

... Do not seek for anything;

do not perform anything;

do not intend anything.

Simply accept the fact

that you are accepted.”


The red, red  robins

are bob’ bob’ bin’again

in Sarasota. 


Spring is singing

it’s sweet love song

of pure, simple being.



Updating The Book of Job:  



Bad religion begins

with absolute certainty

about everything

that cannot

be known.


In the Coen brother’s movie,


That kind of cheap faith

is nowhere to be found

in the Coen Brothers’ movie,


(And, of course, it’s rated R,

because of being too

truthfully relevant.)


As in reality,

the story is


so that we, and

the “heroes”

of the film are left

exactly where all of us

 in fact do find ourselves

 – as Sartre said:

“... alone, and

 with no excuses.”


Such a conclusion

is not necessarily

godless, inasmuch as

God Himself, in the Book of Job

(which inspired

and informs the movie)

discounts the possibility

and the need for

ultimate answers.



Groundhog Day on the Bay Bridge-Tunnel


It attacked at the toll booth

  My window was down,

     the attendant protected

             by latex gloves

I was not

  so defended

   and really what could I have done

     at my age?


The first long draft of warmth

  the change evident in a season



  the infection immediate




      to do more than ride the railings across the bay

    certainly not to raise

       the window


There it was

            of a sudden

  the departed come home

  camellia from a lost garden

  sinews stretching under a younger man's sun

  red hair on naked skin falling

            thin blue curtains brushing

            the house shuddering with opening doors

  infants cooing on creaking swings

  rain evaporating from a hot engine's hood

  the wide, wild wonder of the ocean

            shedding the omen of winter


Some fragrant stew that was

some potent inquisitor


When at last

I replaced the glass between memory and me

I sighed a lament

  for youth

Not that it was lost

  but that the young

    should be so ignorant of what was in the air

With no capacity to resurrect moments that have not yet been

  they skim the surface of a shallow sea

It is for those with age to know

  what ledges and depths these waters conceal

And to be occasionally

  assaulted and affirmed

  by all that will not die.


-- Alex Joyner, 2011




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