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When you get to the point (from a Buddhist perspective) that you know you don’t have to have a religion at all, then it can be fun to have one.  – Alan Watts

Nibble’s Last Words


Dear People, please,

just wake up

to your own


Look at your lives,

your world,

and all of life

with greater


Go out into

the life-giving air

of this very day

when my body

will be laid

to rest in

a quiet jungle garden

by my dear



and  friend,

Mr. Bill.





Go there

in your heart,

where valentines

become teardrops

melting away

the sorrow

and loss;

go there

and understand

the power

of the tiniest

seed of love

to overcome

the darkness of death;

And take a chance

on the possibility

that loving care

for each other may be

the best bet we have

for finding satisfaction

and contentment

in this world.

(Losing Nibble, an aging, ailing, precious guinea pig this week, was for me, her most recent “hospice like” care-giver, companion and friend, a really heart-wrenching matter. She’d been losing ground, precipitously, for a month or more after her cage-mate sister died, and when we took her to the vet, it was clear to all that the time had come to let her go. I guess it was the close

proximity of living with her, feeding her, holding her, trying to persuade her to live on, that got to me; because, when I had to hold her there on the little towel close to my heart for the last time, I just broke down ... it was too much ... and since, I’ve been flooded with memories of last goodbyes, how my mother gently touched the blouse of her mother at the funeral home and said in the softest voice as she turned to go, “goodbye little mama.”  Yes, it really is too much to bear;

and yet, even in these moments of final parting, even when faced with “the cruel radiance of what is,” as James Agee called it, our tears wash away the cloudiness in our eyes and we see each other and ourselves anew, as if for the first time, again. – BJ)

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” 

– Aristotle  


Keeping to an agenda, for me, is becoming the best way to avoid aimlessly wanderings about, trying to figure out what’s the next best thing to be doing. If I write down a specific task or goal and set the timer to bracket how long I allow for that activity, I am more likely to actually do it; and at the very least, I’ll be able to look back on having kept to an agenda as one small achievement. I believe this is how we can build and reinforce productive work habits.   This morning, I faced down about 3 days of unwashed dishes in 2 kitchen sinks, a situation I’d dabbled at cleaning up – but only added to -- on a regular basis; but now it was time to act, so I decided to make that the first agenda item of the day, and to clear both sinks before I let myself stop and do anything else. The most successful part of the commitment was following through and finishing the job.       – Bill Joyner



You must become a priest in the inner church of your own soul.  – Carl Jung  

Are we being guided, and if so by what, or by whom?   It’s my own feeling, as a bachelor of divinity, that we are guided from within, by our own wisdom, or lack thereof. The theologian Paul Tillich spoke of god as “the beyond that is within,” and remember Abraham Lincoln’s plea that people be guided by “the better angels of our nature.”   Such understandings leave in place the possibility that, to an amazing degree, we have within us the capacity -- and the responsibility – for creatively governing and developing our own selves – and, by extension, the entire web of sentient existence.  It seems to me that we are gifted with this awesome opportunity for self-creation.   Two diverse modern sources speak to these matters, the scientist/priest Teilhard de Chardin’s work, esp. HYMN OF THE UNIVERSE & THE PHENOMENON OF MAN  – and Jefferson Airplane’s tune, “Crown of Creation.”  



What is desirable?

What is achievable?  

* a series of sheet shows  

* Indian Beach Books  

* a trip to NC, High Cove & The Penn School  


* shoot the show/circus sarasota


Free, at least

from the cage

in which she

was born,

she is gone

from the world

that we know.


“If a seed

does not fall

into the ground

and die,” we are told,

“it will produce

no new life.”


She gave life

to those of us

who simply

kept her

safe and alive.

She gave us life

through her

loving response

to our care

-- so much

mutual reassurance

for the journey ahead.


Drag yourself before the Lord of Truth and Justice,

your very own divine self

and give an accounting

of what you have learned

that can be of help

to others.


Simple things,

like how holy it is

to be involved

with a garden,

how righteous it is

to associate with

other beings,

and how peaceful

and perfect it is

to be at home

with ourselves.


Yes, early on

I loved wandering

for hours in woodlands

bordering the distant fields

of a farm where I grew up.

It gave me a sense of

inner calm and

a graceful acceptance

of what is. It gave me

time and space

to know and

to trust myself.


“Money cannot move a mountain. Faith can move a mountain.”  – Werner Herzog *


I hope sometime you’ll take a look at BURDEN of DREAMS, the documentary on the making of FITZCARRALDO, with director, writer and actor Werner Herzog narrating the story of the film as it was being made in the jungles of Peru and Ecuador, around 1979. It’s a story of fantastic

dedication to the cinematic articulation of a vision, a story that mirrors the herculean fortitude

and commitment of its creator!

There are no small things,

every detail matters,

even more so now,

when invisible

digital systems

rule the day.


It all matters,

and it’s all good

– until corrupted

by human greed

and cleverness.


Counting my blessings,

saying my prayers

to someone --

and if it be

only to myself,

then let’s

make the best

of it. Where we begin and where we end these endless paragraphs

hardly matters, eh, only that we go on for awhile with this kind of

blind, spontaneous writing ... who knows where it may lead?

The idea is simply to hit the keys more or less where they are

and hope some meaning will emerge. But now it’s time

to hold my baby piggie for awhile.


July 24, 2010

. Time to proceed with the Seed, time to bleed away the loss
of dreams,
later to be

and to begin everything all over again, thankfully.

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