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July 24, 2010

. Time to proceed with the Seed, time to bleed away the loss
of dreams,
later to be

and to begin everything all over again, thankfully.

My long announced, publication
(a rainbow of natural spirituality)

must be delayed even further:

THE SEED CATALOG, however, need
wait no longer --

dancing star '82 regularly $500 for this month of July costs only $300 -- a 40% discount honoring the 40th anniversary of the
Immaculate Heart Community

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This is the tough part, the pitch for continuing seed back support. But, as Van Morrison says in his song, "I'm real real gone," and "I can't stand up alone." Just kindly let me know by checking the form below, whether and/or how you'd like to respond to the ongoing 3 times a year publication of THE SEED CATALOG:

___ Yes, bring it on, in whatever form!

___ No more mailings, will check it out on the web at  (or not) -- ha, ha!

Thanks, too, for any financial or moral support. ($5 donation suggested) Bill Joyner 
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The Seed Catalog
William T. Joyner, Editor
THE SEED CATALOG is a continuing quarterly newsletter promoting

understandings of secular spirituality, available annually for a $5 donation. Additional contacts are appreciated

should you wish to provide names and addresses of any who might enjoy it on an exploratory basis.
 Thanks for tuning in!
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