Wheels within Wheels

The title “Wheels within Wheels” arose from my long-out-of-print book, WHEELS IN THE AIR, originating with free form

summaries of my sermons, which I had included in the Sunday bulletins when I was pastor of a church in Portsmouth,

Virginia (circa 1966). I had long thought that some who see better than they hear might benefit from having before them,

as they listened, a breezy little summary of the message to look at then or later on. A friend in the church, Jane Worrell,

typed up a great many of these quasi-poetic summaries, and I blithely sent them off to the United Church Press in Philadelphia,

scarcely expecting to get a serious nibble. But that’s exactly what did happen in a few weeks, and the book was announced

in the Spring 1968 catalog of the Pilgrim Press. Adapted pieces from WHEELS IN THE AIR appear now and then in this calendar,

along with drawings and some early poems from ON THE WAY UP by my lifelong friend, Chris Browne, and whose more

recent work can be seen at



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