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Dedicated to Elaine Knapp, who blessed this effort with a remembrance in her will. Thank you, Elaine!


So what about Iraq? Is it ALL our fault? According to the radical anti-American “street” – wherever it exists – yes, it’s definitely all our fault! No matter who blows up whom, it’s All because of us – because we’re there, because of our policies, our history – you name it!

Educators and students in Iraqi universities are being routinely exterminated in order to enforce radical Islamist teachings – and it’s our fault, they say. Fanatical, murdering martyrs, from varying systems of belief are routinely and mercilessly slaughtering each other – and who is to blame? Of course, it’s because of US, “The Great Satan.

Whatevcr our political or religious orientation may be, please, let’s not join the chorus of such irrational chants and cast blanket condemnations upon our own country. Responsible, accurate criticism, yes, but blaming ourselves first, foremost and always for everything that’s going wrong in the world seems to me like a prescription for mental and social instability.                                           

– Bill Joyner



Being kind and open to strangers can, more often than not, benefit us appreciably and directly. I tend to appear aloof in public, defining myself as one who is only involved with matters of his own concern. Hiding out in plain view, however, can result in missed opportunities and a general sourness bordering upon Jean Paul Sartre’s conclusion in NO EXIT, that “hell is the others.” Some kind of general acknowledgment of people we are meeting, even if we don’t know them, can be both wise and desirable. It need not  be effusive, since an overabundance of superficial familiarity can be annoying, but an oblique nod or the glimmer of a smile costs nothing and can yield immediate rewards in terms of how we feel about ourselves and the world. There may be no response to such subtle gestures of acknowledgment. It doesn’t matter. What matters is an attitude of openness, modulated, but freely expressed, by which we, and the “others,” might possibly be liberated from needless feelings of alienation, estrangement and despair.


Silence is the language of God.  – Thomas Merton


“A consultant is someone who borrows your watch to tell you what time it is.”  – quoted in an article by the author Alan Cohen



If not for that one little phone call from a friend long ago when I was in dire distress, if she had just given up on tracking me down and not called me at Chance’s place in Nokomis – where would I be now? Not where I am, for sure.

Some say that we make our own luck, and sure, we do; but there are prevailing, unavoidable circumstances involved in every situation. Are we guided from afar? Or are we on our own? Are we altogether at the mercy of physics and fate? Or do we have a crucial part to play in the drama of this life?

What dizzying choices we have to make as we go along, and how can we be sure that every decision is absolutely the right one? Of course, we cannot. But neither are are driven by inexorable forces toward a given fate. The miracle is that we have this remarkable gift of freedom. And, as Victor Frankl says in MAN’S SEARCH FOR MEANING, “the last of the human freedoms (is) to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”



Happy ThanksChristmas!

Givers are keepers,

misers are losers.


My advice, forget yesterday. It ain’t there. Prepare for tomorrow as a solid act of faith. Follow your dream, yes, but if it dissipates into some kind of mirage, don’t keep looking for it. Find

some new dreams, and build them on solid trust in the one thing upon which we can always depend, holy love.


  Be you! Be You to the Full. Beautiful. As you are. But don’t be carried away with your comliness or your cleverness. All is dissolving, even as we speak. Trust yourself , trust the moment. “BE HERE NOW,” as Ram Dass says in his great square shaped book of the sixties.
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Twenty Twenty  the essential T Bone Burnett






Some things I have heard about


from initial readership:

"Ďt touched me."


"Nothing in there is boring."

Some people report their pleasure in being able to look at just one thought or page and put the book aside 'till next time. Others have expressed appreciation for the variety afforded by the inclusion of quotations from different writers and sources. Hey, I read it myself now and then, and in my opinion, it's a great little coffee table or gift item book, good looking and substantive. At present, a slightly revised 2nd edition if being prepared, so if you'd like an advance copy reserved, just send $20, which includes mailing costs. Plus, I'll autograph each copy that goes out.


Kiki Joyner Michaelek


My once and future book, THE CELESTIAL CAROUSEL, is on hold 'till around late September when I hope to make an appearance with it somewhere in the vicinity of Wilton, Connecticut, assuming that I will find the energy necessary to actualize such An Evening with Bill Joyner, which will be an introduction to THE CELESTIAL CAROUSEL and some vintage youth scene film footage from events in that area circa 1969. Volunteer help toward this end would be more than welcome in terms of (a) funding, (b) dvd projection equipment, (c) leg or phone work on acquiring a venue (my first choice -- the Wilton Library), and (d) providing addresses of possibly interested persons in the area -- any or all of that would be helpful. Thanks! -- Bill Joyner.


THE CELESTIAL CAROUSEL (A Circus of Spiritual Discovery)

By Bill Joyner

This baby is born, weighing in at 51/2" X 81/2" and 91 pages. Thanks to each of you who have invested in and patiently awaited this arrival. The first edition of only 125 copies is sold out , but will be available with the next printing, for a donation of $20, including postage. Just let me know by mail (POB 3411/Sarasota, FL 34230), phone (941-355-4050) or e-mail ( if interested.




William T. Joyner

The Celestial Carousel is a collage of original text, social commentary, quotations from American literature, and artwork by noted cartoonist, Christopher Browne.

In this "Circus of Spiritual Discovery," poet William T. Joyner explores secular experience and biblical ideals as a natural/Taoist response to the uneasy rise of worldwide fundamentalism in the 21st Century.


 Bill Joyner

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