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According to a TV program, the Amazon rainforest is not getting enough rain these days to sustain it’s vital biological contribution to the earth’s ecological well-being. This ongoing condition of drought, they say, is attributable in large part to deforestation efforts made by growers of soybeans, the bulk of which are shipped overseas to be used as chicken feed.


Of course, it’s about more than just chicken feed. It’s about planetary degradation! I hope I’ll remember that the next time I’m tempted to eat a chicken sandwich. After all, there is BURGER KING’s veggie burger and WENDY’s baked potato with broccoli and cheese. The whole thing is, we don’t really have to eat chicken, or any meat, at all! Such a simple concept, yet it would do a lot toward saving our world (the only one we’ve got).


Henry David Thoreau once observed the irony of a farmer loudly proclaiming that a man could not live on vegetable matter alone, even as he guided his huge vegetarian oxen on their laborious way. Oxen can do it, mullets and manatees can do it, guinea pigs and rabbits can do it, and we can do it, too!. We don’t have to be addicted to chicken.


Bill Joyner



"Each of us exists with a unique consciousness and a responsibility of his own which makes him at the same time zero and everything, a center of absolute silence, and the vortex of apocalyptic participation."


--Eric Erikson in Gandhi's Truth



Blessed be you, mortal matter: you who one day will undergo the process of dissolution within us and thereby take us forcibly into the very heart of that which exists.


--Pierre Teilhard de Chardin



The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is so comprehensible.


--Albert Einstein


Evil, while it is impressive,

is not permanent.

– Shimon Peres

I dislike arguments of any kind. They are always vulgar and often convincing.

– Oscar Wilde

It is not he who gains the exact point in dispute who scores most in controversy, but he who has shown the most forbearance and the better temper.

– Samuel Butler

If you talk to God, you are praying; if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.

– Thomas Szasz

"Moderation should run throughout the whole life. Moderation is strength, not weakness; it implies self-command and self-control."

--John Lubbock



Irrevocable commitment to any religion is not only intellectual suicide;

it is positive unfaith because it closes the mind to any new vision of the world.

Faith is, above all, openness - an act of trust in the unknown.


--Allan Watts



Some folks think it's bad taste to put down an outfit like Hezbollah, because, "Hey, look at the good things they are doing for their people, and even though they did deliberately provoke a war that left Lebanon in ruins, and even though they blew up the U.S. Marine barracks in the '80's and have launched innumerable human bomb attacks against innocent civilians, we should be patient and negotiate with them.

Hezbollah is a terror organization, plain and simple - no matter what religion they say they are, no matter how many seats they occupy in a government totally intimidated by their fascist ,totalitarian army, and no matter how much they are applauded throughout the world for their "Divine Victory" against Israel.


I recall another suicidal empire speaking of its ultimately futile Kamikaze attacks as the Divine Wind that would save them from the humiliation of defeat. And when it was all over we ended up making cars together, computer systems, and movies! May the present global conflict between suicidal religious fanaticism and rational human coexistence have as a fortunate aftermath.


--Bill Joyner

Mr. Bill’s Winding Tributary of Consciousness

I like to look up and see blue
on THE Word Perfect
computer screen,
seated in a perfect
form fitted chair.

Sunday is the best day
for writing stuff
like this down.

“Yes, Dear,”
Corita would say,
“You’re ful
love it.”
  Sunday Morning, August 27, 2006

The Rev. Dr. Leon Sullivan once said that “The best thing you can do for poor people is, don’t be one of them.” I think I know what he means. When we are poor, we are helpless, helpless to help ourselves or others. Being poor doesn’t make us altogether helpless, of course, but practically so, effectively soe’re not talking here about spiritual resourcefulness here, or the undeniable benefits of self-reliance. We’re talking about someone needing serious health care, with no insurance. We’re talking about dollars and sense things that pertain to the maintenance of life! And it all comes down to this: how can we help each other if we’re financially and materially in need ourselves?
– BJ

Once I traveled with a few hip kids – Lisa, Brad, Russ, and such – up to Boston from Wilton, Connecticut to visit with former nun and pop art sensation Corita Kent. She took us for a stroll down by the Swan Boats in Boston Commons, then showed us her apartment – so pleasingly arranged around a Charles Eames reclining chair, one of her favorite contemplation zones. This precious little meeting was like a dream, you know, so special, and yet scattered fragments of memory are all I have left of it: a “progressive poem” written one line at a time by those of us present, a beautiful photo of Lisa, bubblgum tunes on the way back home, laughter, contentment – that’s about it.

From THE SEED CATALOG archives at (2000)

Equanimity is a quality abundantly evident in those who live to one hundred and beyond. Some call it the kindness of acceptance. “The more you accept,” says mindfulness guru Peter Williams, “the more you energize your whole being.” Equanimity is not passivity, but rather a synergy of quiet creativity, flexible adaptiveness and lucid attentiveness
– BJ


Some things I have heard about


from initial readership:

"Ït touched me."


"Nothing in there is boring."

Some people report their pleasure in being able to look at just one thought or page and put the book aside 'till next time. Others have expressed appreciation for the variety afforded by the inclusion of quotations from different writers and sources. Hey, I read it myself now and then, and in my opinion, it's a great little coffee table or gift item book, good looking and substantive. At present, a slightly revised 2nd edition if being prepared, so if you'd like an advance copy reserved, just send $20, which includes mailing costs. Plus, I'll autograph each copy that goes out.


Kiki Joyner Michaelek


My once and future book, THE CELESTIAL CAROUSEL, is on hold 'till around late September when I hope to make an appearance with it somewhere in the vicinity of Wilton, Connecticut, assuming that I will find the energy necessary to actualize such An Evening with Bill Joyner, which will be an introduction to THE CELESTIAL CAROUSEL and some vintage youth scene film footage from events in that area circa 1969. Volunteer help toward this end would be more than welcome in terms of (a) funding, (b) dvd projection equipment, (c) leg or phone work on acquiring a venue (my first choice -- the Wilton Library), and (d) providing addresses of possibly interested persons in the area -- any or all of that would be helpful. Thanks! -- Bill Joyner.


THE CELESTIAL CAROUSEL (A Circus of Spiritual Discovery)

By Bill Joyner

This baby is born, weighing in at 51/2" X 81/2" and 91 pages. Thanks to each of you who have invested in and patiently awaited this arrival. The first edition of only 125 copies is sold out , but will be available with the next printing, for a donation of $20, including postage. Just let me know by mail (POB 3411/Sarasota, FL 34230), phone (941-355-4050) or e-mail ( if interested.




William T. Joyner

The Celestial Carousel is a collage of original text, social commentary, quotations from American literature, and artwork by noted cartoonist, Christopher Browne.

In this "Circus of Spiritual Discovery," poet William T. Joyner explores secular experience and biblical ideals as a natural/Taoist response to the uneasy rise of worldwide fundamentalism in the 21st Century.


 Bill Joyner

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