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“Preaching is moral violence.”           Looking Through the Prism of 9/11






 Looking Through the Prism of 9/11

Mohammad Atta, chief terrorist butcher of 9/11, said in his final communiqué to fellow fanatics, “Now we pledge allegiance to death.” That’s the essence of their Islamic jihad, total nihilistic (life-negating) annihilation! Their “holy war” distorts the religion of Allah into filthy shards of blood-drenched debris, dishonoring their God, their Prophet and their own people through unspeakable acts of violence. In the very same spirit and representing untold multitudes of murderous “martyrs,” the New York Times on July 10, 2004, reported that a father, 23, in Najaf, Iraq, says that, not only are he and his wife ready to be suicide bombers, but that he will, if necessary, take his 24-month old boy, “put mines in the baby and blow him up.” This is not religion. This is not patriotism. This is insanity!

When asked what people could do to prepare themselves for the possibility of another massive terror attack and possibly help prevent it, the New York City Police Commissioner said on August 1, 2004, “Look at everything through the prism of 9/11.” And I do look through that prism constantly. I will never forget! I imagine someone dear to me on one of those doomed planes, just trying to get somewhere, suddenly realizing that their life is going to be totally ripped away from them and destroyed, along with thousands upon thousands, because some crazed idiots have pledged their allegiance to death. If I were asked to devise a just punishment for such rabid beasts, in this world or another, I would force them, night and day – forever, to look at the minute details of every innocent life they so uselessly destroyed.

By the way, I’m not alone in feeling that the current proliferation of suicidal murder through “martyrdom” is a manifestation of mass insanity. Paul Berman, author of TERROR AND LIBERALISM, describes in depth how Al Queda and related constituencies of Islamic terrorism qualify as a mass death cult psychosis, a tragic mixture of anti-Jewish fascism, religious fanaticism, and totalitarian control.

-- Bill Joyner





“Preaching is moral violence.”
-- Alan Watts

In a listing of North African terrorist networks by The New York Times (5-11-04), I came across one called the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat. “Preaching and combat,” an extreme, but concise example of what Alan Watts was talking about when he said, “preaching is moral violence.” In the realm of demagoguery an explicit connection exists between exhortations of hatred and acts of violent destruction. A powerful visualization of this connection occurs in the WW II movie, THE VICTORS, when historical footage of Adolph Hitler ranting and raving at one of his giant pep rallies is juxtaposed with scenes of Nazi dive bombers wreaking destruction upon European cities. Erich Fromm, in his wonderfully profound book, ESCAPE FROM FREEDOM, describes Hitler’s oratorical objective as “the breaking of the will of the audience by the superior strength of the speaker,” which he regarded as “the essential factor in propaganda.”

Of course, it might be expected that an ex-preacher would make such a dour appraisal of the polemical nature of what often passes for homiletics. However, I have seen and heard, and even spoken, sermonic words of which St. Paul might have approved as “the foolishness of preaching, by which we are saved,” sermons devoid of charismatic coercion, rendered in such a way that listeners are encouraged to think for themselves. The recorded lectures of Alan Watts (available at 1-800-696-2887) are, in fact, the best exemplification of what good preaching might sound like.

-- Bill Joyner



Shards of Seeds -- BJ

“Love your neighbor as yourself,” suggests the necessity for certain prerequisites: self-respect, self-trust, self-love and self-realization. Such qualities are the basis of our ability to effectively connect with each other and with the world. Love is the key!

“Wait!” That was the critical word whispered to Tom Cruise in MINORITY REPORT by the “pre-cog” girl, as they were being pursued by the thought police patrols. Then – just for the briefest of moments, when the coast was going to be clear, she said, “Now!” and they moved. Timing is everything!

We’re never going to get anywhere watching TV. At best, it’s just warmed over news, from somewhere else. Infotainment will not save us from that inward rendezvous we have with ourselves, an appointment most likely to occur within sacred sanctuaries of solitude and silence.

FDR said during WWII, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” It could also be accurately asserted that we have nothing to fear but nothingness itself. More and more I am seeking the pure essence of emptiness, remembering that, as someone said, “Tadpoles and caterpillars fast before becoming frogs and butterflies.” In an odd, obverse manner, therefore, emptiness is an antidote for the fear of nothingness. As Paul Newman said in that movie, “nothing can be a real cool hand.”

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